What is Earth Language (EL)? (This page was written on November 2003)

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To bring up a new universal communication method for the global society
The principles to develop Earth Language (EL)
The comparison between the primitive world, the common English world and the world with EL
Footnote (about the main past communication systems in the world)

To bring up a new universal communication method for the global society
what supports the foundation of a human society

What is the support that you can’t live daily without?
Air, water and the environment for food, clothing and shelter are the necessaries of life,
but they are not only for human societies.

The support especially for a human society is a language.
Without a language, can you live for one day today?
If you think, “I can”, you already used words “I can” in your mind.

The root of a human life is firmly tied with a language.
Humans become humans by language, and think by language to move the society.
Humans also seek love and enlightenment beyond language,
but they need language to reach them.

Now communications between people/societies have been widened.
Don’t you think it’s the time to be more conscious
about the language to support the new global world?
Traditional languages are containers of each culture/thought

A language is the common container in a society to measure images and thoughts,
to store and carry them to others or later oneself.

Since the primary era, humans have not been able to survive without helping each other.
To send wisdoms down to children, to share emotions and cooperation with company,
languages: communication methods with some rules were raised along their lives.

In the course of time, humans spread over the planet,
and opened new lives adapting to each selected land.
Various lives and the environments raised various languages.
Then humans separated into many races, and now
thousands of different traditional language: containers of culture are in the world.

In the areas where people had lived in the same simple way for thousands years until recently,
their languages must be simple too.
The system of Japanese language raised by long-term inhabitants in the small islands
far from other places with four seasons have been raised for calling sympathy and harmony
more than working for logical insistences.

The people with English had repeatedly been colonists in their history;
also have often been pioneers in science and technology.
Why could this be possible?
The main reason is that the thinking ways of the English language have supported them:
English has loosely accepted foreign words into it,
taking priority for efficiency to win/enjoy immediate things;
also the grammar is for insisting one line logic,
usually making clear the subject and its object in a sentence.
Some fundamental English words also have changed/widened the definition
showing the competitive thought and efficiency. (See 1 and 2 for more details)

As these facts show, a traditional language gives its particular character
to the users’ thoughts and lifestyles from its history, and the users are not conscious about it.
A language system is rooted so deep to the core of its history,
that it’s not easy to change the traditional thinking way for the users.
Common language now
When an area of reign or communication is widened, a common language is needed.

In the past, a conqueror’s language was forced to use in a new area.
Even without forcing it, losers/weak usually follow the winners/strong.

Now the English of the strong is speeding up communizing worldwide.
Then the world is going to flow into the thinking way of English.
Weak people’s languages are going to disappear, being exchanged for efficiency.
All traditions are transforming influenced by English.

But usually people don’t want their cultures to be twisted by another power;
also some of them feel hard to allow the new society
where monetary races are creating wider gaps between rich and poor,
using that differential between them, treading down their local traditions.

Because of the situation, conflicts and terrors are going on now.
Arms races and monetary races raise antagonism and aggression between each other,
instead of raising harmony, and involve the entire world in stress, destroying the environment.

On the other hand, civilized humans can’t come back any more.
The races for science, technology and art will never stop to be attractive.
Like these, the competitive world brought by English works for both
convenience/enjoyable and dangers/destructions to the human society.

When concerning about the dangerous side, some native English users also started to want
to have another eye to measure his/her ideas from an outer angle, besides having English.
Because of the nature of English, the user likes to change English, making dialects.
But then synonyms increase and the grammar gets irrationally complicated.
After all they know that English is not so efficient for long-term storing and searching information.
They know they must live all the time accelerating to change,
and the nature of English doesn’t suit for the common language system.
For freedom from communized tight English, and for easy arrangement of worldwide information,
for more even communications with the outer world, native English users also want
to have another common measurement of thoughts
, before getting too lazy.

But the global world has just started,
and the new common auxiliary language is not ready yet.

A new proper container of thoughts with flexible capacity to suit the global scale
for measuring images or sounds is imperatively needed for keeping this planet in peace.
Earth Language to support the new world
Don’t you feel scared that the entire world will be molded in the English way?
Don’t you want coexistence of lively cultural blossoms,
as nature makes various flowers, circulating diverse lives in each land?

What do you think about stopping/shortening arms races that use a lot of natural resources,
destroying environment and inflaming fears and fights?
Instead, how about having the new container of global thoughts for advancing cooperation,
coexistence and harmony
without destroying nature; also for lightening up the future with hope,
helping individual creations and environmental protection?

I named Earth Language (EL) for this container: a new communication tool for the global world.
I think EL is as follows:

El like this is not just a dream.
The plans of the concrete system and the dictionary of EL have been already built for the foundation.
I’m an amateur for linguistic study, but being checked/cheered up
by linguists, scientists, phoneticians, artists etc. through the Internet,
I’ve started it combining and simplifying the collection of
all kinds of ideas of communication methods from the past.

Please read my tentative plan for the Earth Language System.

People can be kind and inspire each other while raising something together.
For the time being, EL is just a tiny sprout, the company’s hearts start to relate beyond distances, I believe.
EL is going to make the world peaceful and round rather earlier than just exclaiming
opposition to war/nuclear power/environmental pollutions,
because it leads the users to think along continuous nature.

The principles of Earth Language … led by the EL basic symbols

Based on Nature
: nature (a large cover shape)
EL is not based on any traditional culture; it’s based on nature
and the commonly recognizable elements among humankind.
Also EL bases are planed to be as close to as natural
communication methods for anyone, referring to various human common senses.

Don't forget Origin
: truth
(the shape that the original and heading directions are connected in one)

Work for surely sending the original/primary light to the future,
and for making it easier to see what is true/sincere/beautiful.

: life (the upside-down shape of heart)
Respect different lives and lifestyles, nursing human love.
(Love) means thinking about other’s lives from the heart.
: relation (the shape as two lines are crossing, or two tips are touching)
A new relation makes a new discovery or a creation
The EL thinking way is with a combination of related images;
and you can be always creative.
Peace and Harmony
: peace
{:Infinite, long continuation by the endless shape, :balanced by the spinning top shape}
Nature is always moving and circulating to have diversity and harmony
The human society of this globe also keeps moving and circulating
by networking of individuals, seeking dynamic peace.

EL is going to support this continuation, while widening the human circle and EL itself in peace.

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