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EL has been developed since 1988; and this English version of EL website is since 1997.
All these plans are the tentative ideas, and you are welcome to join for more improvement.

What is Earth Language?


EL Font Download and
about the ASCII

renewed on March 23, 2016
EL Dictionary

EL Illustrated Dictionary
The Basic Philosophy of EL
Learning and Developing EL
with the 9-grid me
The EL Definition System
It uses the EL font as ideograms with its grammar.
Rationally arrange information using special brackets.
The EL Phonetic System
It uses the font as phonetics.
It works similarly as International Phonetic
Alphabet but in much simpler way.
Examples of EL writings
#Babel Tower Translation
#President Obama's speech
#Report of Events
#Report of my Garden
Creations with EL Symbols
Poem, Haiga and essay
For body, eyes and mind health
with EL symbols and body signs
Meditation Exercise
The EL Multi-methods
#EL Hand-signs and the related signs
#EL Vocal signs
History of EL
Thanks Cooperators
Playground with Children
playing and creating with symbols
About the EL Founder and
the background of EL
  #Footnote Hints from various communication ways in the past
#Extracts from Old EL Newsletters

News and Report

#This Earth Language site is now under reconstruction.
Some links might not work temporarily, sorry about that.

The Outside Links

#A Hundred Gourds (International Haiku/Haiga/Tanka Web-Magazine, Earth Language Feature)
#0oo Earth Language Project
#0oo A way to learn Earth Language using Anki-application

Facebook Earth Language page has been since February 2nd, 2011.
If you have any questions, please contact me through the Facebook Earth Language page.

[hapado] (Thank you)

I hope you like the EL plan and soon come back again.
Please share your opinions and ideas with us through the Facebook EL page.
Mindey.com is preparing the EL chat site where you can use EL font and many languages.

Library of Congress TX 3 214 905 ? Yoshiko McFarland (Dec.1991) for the name and the concept of Earth Language when that first publication in a magazine
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