How to start using Earth language (EL) right now
(Originally written 1997; revised on September 2008)

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EL has much capacity to assist your individual thinking and daily lives.
The table below is about what you can do with EL. Please search what you'd like to use now.
Even with almost no knowledge of EL, you'll find how it could be convenient and enjoyable just for yourself. If so, you'll increase using EL symbols. Even if you get into EL from any entrance, later you'll find that it could naturally help communication beyond countries and cultures and even beyond physical difficulties. EL was made in accordance with nature, so is going to spread naturally through you.

Also The Universal Era in EL in this page is my additional proposal.

In this table, the following color signs are used:
#: for a beginner's fun
: for a personal convenience
: to help studying and understanding things or yourself
#: to help communication after the spreading of EL

The purpose of usage the system to use examples
Symbol marks in your hand note # #

In labels of jars and boxes
# also among a family

Common icons for future computing #
Mixture of your native language and EL ideograms in your hand writing :
A lot of ideograms are simple to memorize and to write; also they are strongly and easily found in your writing: as you know the symbol effect in [I NY]
To show weather in your diary, as clear-sky, cloudy, rain.

In some data related to numerals, as sequence, frequency, sum, differential
Making a one character short form using the EL bracket and ideograms for a complicate meaning, or and EL phonetics to express the sound of a name.
* For just beginners, you can put a simplified picture for your own memory clue in the definition bracket, or a letter  in the phonetic bracket.
For an abbreviation of a meaning, put elemental bases of its meaning in .

For an abbreviation of a name, put the typified sound clue of the name in
Stenographic usage # EL ideograms and grammatical marks.
Cursive writing is not allowed in EL, but many EL ideograms are easier to write than other languages. So the ideograms you've learnt can be stenographic being mixed with your language writing.
nature, water, wave, ocean, grass, society....
Brackets -used symbols (various conjunction marks) and -used symbols (various preposition marks) are also useful to order content words.
Mind-maps # # # Picture-like symbols and ideograms have strong eye-catching power. Using them with arrows is convenient to arrange your thoughts. Possibilities will be widened by learning and more developing EL. as the figure in this page
In maps, charts and plans
A map can neatly hold much more information with EL symbols as the top map here
sketch cards and pictographic expressions.
# # #
Using EL picture like symbols, you can sketch a scene or make some visually funny creations. cards

Making nice patterns,
for kids #

As a tool to stimulate an inspiration or fortune telling kind of games
# #
Variety of shapes and meaning combinations can be made.
Random typing might bring you an inspiration by its unexpected combination of bases meanings. You have much possibility to type a lot of future EL words without knowing it.
Please install the EL font [EARTH3] and stimulate your brain typing some fonts.
After random typing, check the bases images here or the dictionary; also printing this page would be convenient.
To help understanding and learning  things,
to name scientific terms and new things # # #
The compounding system of bases expresses the meaning, showing a picture of it or a combination of elements of it. Joined ideograms also directly express the meaning through the structure. To train little children to distinguish shapes and to learn their mother words.

scientific classified terms

symbols for insects
To give another angle to consider for only one language users,
to compare cultures # #
Now the EL dictionary is roughly made, and it needs to be deepened and broadened. In the process of doing it with global cooperation, we can compare cultures to understand each other better.  How the world changed with language: differences between ancient communication, English and EL world
Comparison e.g.: EL nose doesn't include beaks like Russian does; also even if it's very long, elephant trunks are their noses in EL, because of the main function.
For logical writing and recording something, being readable globally beyond time to the far future.

For directions of merchandise: after spreading EL, covering  everywhere in the world by only EL version. 
 # #
Using the entire written system of EL Archive of mini news in EL with photos

The EL Translation of the Babel Story from the Bible
Creation of poems and literature
Not only the content meaning, but also visually interesting writings can be made. Monthly poem section
To make secret codes for only your private usage 
# #
The EL special brackets or A base or a base overlay in one of these brackets is used for whatever you like. It works for only you and limited persons you introduced it to. Have fun with some secrets.
Correctly to write only vocal sounds as names (proper noun)  # # # #
It is for an original sound of a proper noun to get across worldwide. 
The EL phonetic system  
Combination of vocal organs and the way to use them, details of a pronunciation can be expressed. It looks complex, but is much easier and more powerful than the present International Phonetic Alphabet.
Please find out how to express your name in EL.
To make a logo for a proper noun
# # #
The phonetic bracket
One symbol can hold some clues of its name sound
e.g. for Washington
Please try to make your own name logo
To identify what kind the following name is for
# # #
The definition bracket : person's name: Washington
To learn the pronunciation of a foreign language, comparing to your speech habits.
# #
Vowels, consonants, diacritics 
Here is a picture for vocal organs with explanations of English technical terms. 
Please try to analyze your usual pronunciations, it would be interesting.
To challenge for your new vocal ability and develop new sound art performances.
# # #
Probably you've never tested all of your vocal ability. You might find out how fun it is to do it, using not only normal voices but using clicks and unusual voices with rhythms,too. Expressions of mimics and strange sounds
To think about ways to breathe, searching your own body system
# #
There are many ways to control breath at a Qigong kind of time. After learning the phonetic mechanism, you might have a wider vision for breathing too. Try various breathing ways to find out which is good for what kind of occasion.
For a communication in a voice contact situation such as the telephone #

For communications with a blind person or among blind people in different cultures 

For vocal commandments and inputs to a future computer # #
The EL vocal symbol:
Vocal communication is the secondary way in EL to protect traditional languages. For usual communications, everyone speaks in his mother language with the help of EL visual signs or writings.
But since the vocal symbol ( = a syllable name of a base) is easily distinguishable from others, it would fit for computing.
EL vocal symbols are tentative ideas right now, and nobody is using them yet, I think. Please let me know how you feel about them.
For easy memorization of EL symbols and to keep the memory well.
EL has multi-method for each bases. Learning them all together is easier to memorize them. Each base page of the dictionary shows the main expression ways and the function or meaning.
Face to face communication with a deaf person or among deaf people, or normal people between different cultures without writing method
EL hand-signs:
Hand signs are basically shaping each written bases.
@An example of a sign communication between an American and a Japanese.
For occasional silent conversations

For sending a message in an emergency situation: 
in the world where the EL basic ideas are common, losing sight/sound, whatever sudden difficulty came up, you would be still able to communicate with others. # #

EL hand-signs to use the power In a classroom: sometimes silent signs work better for : Attention please!, :(Be) quiet!
EL hand or body signs separately from the main conversation  To another member of family/coworker, while a guest is speaking
EL body signs, running signs To a far distance where a voice doesn't reach
The touch feelings of EL writing With a friend in the next seat in a theater
In the expanded EL world, eye-ball movements can also make signs It's applied in a physical emergency situation, when the entire body doesn't move, but the eyes, moving them as drawing each EL base shape and  intended blinks.
To share a written thing between normal and blind people # # A raised print of EL bases-writing can be read through both the touch and the vision. Books, town guide signs etc.
For meaningful dances and body performances
# #
EL whole body signs and natural gestures Try various dance creations: playing a poem or a flowing story 
For health of the body and mind
# #
You became a ocean or a tree through body signs to relax and to charge energy to your body and mind. [The EL Meditation Exercise] shows some examples to work for your health. Just try and enjoy without knowledge of EL.

Additional Method--Universal Era in EL

EL does not use a cultural standard, for the standard of time as well.
The Christian calendar can’t naturally be common;
also it has neither the year 0 and the year - 0 nor the 0th century and the - 0th century,
starting from the first. So it doesn’t match to the modern mathematical calculation.
I propose to found "0" year for the standard of the Earth People's era in EL,
and it would be the year 2000 in the Christian calendar as the early stage of the global society.

In a traditional world, they can’t change this kind of standard easily,
but it’s possible in a new language; of course this standard is only in EL.
Every language continues to use each traditional standard of time as they like.

The benefits of this idea are;
# No cultural conflicts
# Bringing the people's consciousness up to the global society and the environment
# Easy for calculation to look back in the past
# EL Users feel refreshed, commonly standing at the starting point of the new era all together.
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