The Images of 70 EL bases

. . . . . .

Here shows the shape of each base and explains the relation between the shape and its image.

The plan was made based on the following three kinds of clues:

1) Related to already universal simple symbols,
as .
These bases are arranged the shapes and the images from the original symbols to suit to EL usages.

2) Picture-like characters,
as (water), (plant), (container), (cover), (sheet/surface),
(circle/round), (line), (dot), (space), (wave) etc.
You’ll see more with the explanation for each bases below.

3) Related to pointing arrow-heads or natural hand-signs:
(above), (below), (in: pointing inward in front of the shoulder),
(out: point outward in front of the shoulder, (front: pointing forward), (behind: pointing backward ).

Since EL writing goes from the left to the right,
(heading direction/go),
(original direction/return),
also by the same idea on time flowing,
relates to the past image and
relates to the future image, too.

Like these, each of some bases has plural images,
and those are distinguished by forming base overlays with other characters.

*In case plural bases form a picture-like fundamental ideogram,
the images of the element bases might not relate to each original meaning,
just working as the part of the picture.
Fundamental ideograms works like bases, too.
Only 70 basic images are not enough for the root meanings,
so you need to memorize fundamental ideograms as well as the bases.
Once you’ve learned, the ideograms as each simplified picture help you to remember what they mean.
In the following descriptions,
(s) indicates the image of the single base itself; five bases work as grammatical symbols
(c) indicates “the base main images to add to a base overlay included it”
(sometimes noted about the usage for main fundamental character with the mark, *)
The base is shown with the frame and each number.

01: a dot shape
(s) grammatical usage only
(c) a dot, many dots looking things, point, spot, position
* for particular bases, it works to change the perspective of another base shape compounded with it.

02: a strait vertical line
(s) one as a numeral
(c) one, single, vertical direction/line or strait movement

03: a diagonal line (attention that the left is upper)
(s) a line
(c) line, things or conditions related to length or long shape, diagonal

04: a short horizontal line and the universal “minus” sign
(s) going away, also minus in mathematical signs
(c) leaving, taking away, lacking, loss, minus image, disadvantageous, horizontal (by its shape)

05: The diagonally cutting line from the right above edge to the other
(s) no, not, denial
(c) denying, image of cut or carved

06: Two diagonal lines dividing areas symbolize twisting to the opposite direction each other
(s) opposite
(c) opposite or reverse of the other, opposing or resisting

07: A large angle shape: from the center bottom, larger than 180 degree
(s) many or much (subjectively)
(c) many, much, big, related to amount/degree

08: This shape shows only 45 (small) degree line
(s) a few, little
(c) little, small, related to amount/degree

09: A frame like line symbolizing some intangible thing is in
(s) an affair, a thing to happen
(c) an affair, a thing to happen/to do

10: The framing line to support the bottom, where things can be in or on
(s) place
(c) place, a field of nature, a social field, a road/building

11: the shape to stop a flowing from the left as limit/end
(s) limited situation
(c) edge, end, limited, distinguished

12: zigzag shape, symbolizing friction
(s) friction, fricative situation
(c) friction/frictional situation/tools and things used fricative mechanism,
something with bipolar system, * something related to a zigzag shape

13: the similar shape to = in the mathematical symbols
(s) equal
(c) the same, some level/class/layer kinds, thickness related to horizontal parallel lines

14: parallel vertical lines, symbolizing a way which something goes through
(s) way, passing through
(c) going through, a way in which something goes through, method/manner ( to do something ),
long parallel lines image, width

15: Two short vertical lines, symbolizing two eyes or recognizing something comparing two
(s) recognition, recognizing
(c) recognition, symbols to recognize things, eyes part forming a face, to form mammals symbolizing nipples

16: two horizontal short lines above and below; similar to mathematical division mark,
symbolizing a separated situation
(s) divided, part(s)
(c) a part/parts, parting/separation/ division, a mass of tiny things made by breaking down some kind of body

17: the upward arrow head shape, not symmetry, for easiness to distinguish from V
(s) upper direction, above
(c) upper/above, upward/ rising, psychologically upper/higher,
honor with the looking 'up' manner, quality high, north

18: the downward arrow head shape; 180 degree turned from 17;
the written form of pointing downward hand-sign
(s) below, under, lower direction
(c) lower/under/below, downward, psychologically lower/under/downward, quality low, south

19: the arrow head shape to point inward/to the left/the original direction; 90 degree left turned from 17
(s) inside, in (this itself is not a preposition; just as the image)
(c) in/ inside/ inner/ internal, inward/oneself, one side of bipolar concepts
as the left, west, female, past tense (working with 20 for the opposite side)

20: the arrow head shape to point outward/to the right/the heading direction; 270 degree left turned from 17
(s) out, outside
(c) out/outside/outer/external, outward, one side of bipolar concepts
as the right, east, male, future tense (working with 19 for the opposite side)

21: the shape points forward (of a writing) with the full size, representing heading forward
(s) facing/heading direction, to (but this is not a preposition by itself)
(c) facing/heading) direction, toward/facing to/heading to, go

22: the shape points to the original direction (of the flowing of writing);
the vertical line is added on the right edge for protecting confusion with 21.
(s) original direction, from (but not as a preposition by itself)
(c) origin/source, original direction/from, returning, sequence

23: the shape is like reflecting light, changing the direction at the center bottom
(s) change/becoming different
(c) various change, exchange, light and color (by the shape)

24: two lines are supporting each other as the stable structure protecting from the outer power
(s) certain, firm
(c) stability/stable/firm things in nature, a firm/hard/solid material or quality,
hard shell and a thing with shell, artificially settled/settling matter

25: similar to the mathematical symbol, +.
(s) joined situation (also mathematical plus)
(c) joining, addition, plus/merit-image ( as the opposite of minus-image), related to just cross shape

26: similar to the mathematical symbol of multiply
(s) piled, multiplied situation (also the multiply calculation sign)
(c) piling up/gathering/ group, multiple, just X shape

27: the diagonal two lines at the right shoulder, looking like doubled edges of plural things
(s) plural
(c) plural, repeated/repeating

28: the full size square shape, looking like a square or some plane thing
(s) plane/ a plane
(c) plane/surface, square measure, some kind of flat thing or a thing made by sheets/boards, square shaped thing

29: the diagonal square (rhombus); associating with a (crystallized) material
(s) substance, material
(c) various chemicals/materials and their elements, rhombus and the related shape/thing

30: the point down triangle shape; looking like pointing out something
(s) grammatical usage only
(c) showing, something to show, indication, instruction, information, designation, the triangle

31: the pointed up triangle shape, looking like something shaping up from the bottom
(s) grammatical usage only
(c) form/shape, indicating the other shape, some pointed up triangle shaped thing

32: the tiny circle at the bottom right corner
(s) grammatical usage only
(c) unit, some kind of standard of unit

33: the full size circle, sometimes looking like globe or ring too.
(s) a circle/round
(c) the image frame of a systematical abstract concept, some kind of circle/globe/sphere shaped thing

34: the middle size circle, feeling like each individuality
(s) grammatical usage only
(c) identified subject, pronouns, something substantial as the main thing, importance, value

35: similar to the traditional infinity-mark;
continuously the drawing goes on from the left circle to the right circle and the left again …
(s) continuous situation (to continue endlessly or without expecting the end soon)
(c) continuation, unlimited, infinite/almost unlimited situation/permanence,
* to form picture-like characters for something with this shape, as bubbles and pebbles

36: the right half part of the full-size circle in the left side of the frame,
looking like spinning and moving toward the future (the writing heading direction)
(s) time
(c) time flowing/position/period/an indicated time/duration/frequency/sequence, time of life

37: the upper half full-size circle, looking like covering us as the environment.
(s) nature
(c) various nature

38: the lower half full size circle in the upper part of the frame;
looking like opened arms showing a human power; also this is upside-down of 37(nature)
(s) made/created
(c) creation of something, some kinds of artificial thing/system, something grown by human, making

39: the horizontal spindle/almond shape, looking sensitively movable
(s) sense, feeling
(c) sense and sensitivity, various organs for senses and the functions, emotions and feelings
* to form the fundamental character for fish and the related things

40: similar to 39 but thinner and vertical; shaping a spinning top balancing by the movement.
(s) balance, proportion
(c) balancing/adjusting, harmony/beauty/health
* to form picture-like characters for insects

41: the vertically wriggled shape, looking like moving/shaking
(s) move
(c) various movements, things/creatures that move

42: the horizontally waving shape
(s) wave
(c) wave, a kind of wave as sound, movement/shape/flowing/psychological sway

43: the shape twining to the heading direction, or the side look of a rolled sheet,
symbolizing a twined situation or the situation of rolled and closed energy
(s) rolled
(c) rolled, closed (as the opposite to 44 (opened), involving/twining/twisting/clinging/tying

44: the shape uncoiling/unrolling to the heading direction (as the opposite to 43),
looking like some energy expansion outward from the center by opening
(s) opened
(c) opened, opened feelings, some energy spreading image as the sun and fire

45: the shape is like twisted two lines or two bodies touching each other.
(s) relation, related
(c) relation/relationship, bond, connection, the image as parts (legs) to form some animal

46: the shape looking improving something to the right/heading direction,
while treating something on the left/original direction
(s) function, work
(c) function/work, thing/place/facility for some function, hand/machine

47: the shape looking like a vessel or a container to accept or hold something in
(s) yes (means the thing is accepted, okay), accepted
(c) acceptation/ receiving, holding, capacity/contents, a vessel/container including a room/town/vehicle
* It’s used to form the character for tongue and foot in the different way to look.

48: the shape looking like covering something
(s) a cover/cover
(c) covering/covered situation, surrounded, a thing to cover something, included buildings and clothes
* It’s used to form the character for legs in the different way to look.

49: the left half circle in the right side of frame, looking like the half moon shape
shining upon the origin (original direction)
(s) quality
(c) quality, one's nature/character/temperament,
* the image of the moon in the different way to see

50: the upper half part circle in the lower side of the frame, looking like a solid thing on a floor.
(s) an object/tangible thing
(c) body/ three dimensional object, materials to make an object, volume/ amount of volume, goods, tools

51: the shape looking like the standing out biceps by expanding power
(s) power
(c) power/force/pressure, expanded/swell/protrude/mound, a body part to support the body/shape

52: the shape looking like a hollow or heat is in
(s) heat/a situation having some heat
(c) temperature/heat/things to heat, a hollow (in another way to look)

53: the gently pressing or covering shape as an abstract symbol
(s) condition, situation: particular state that someone/something is in
(c) various conditions, a state of an object, doing for some condition

54: up-side-down of 53; the center of the bottom is a little swelling, symbolizing “existence”
(s) existence, to be
(c) being/to exist, various kinds of existence as God/monster,
* used to form the fundamental character of “head” and the applications.

55: an extended hand shape asking something to put in
(s) require, requesting situation
(c) various desire/wish, seeking; doing for one's desire, asking /requesting, a spoon (by its shape.)

56: the shape looking like being going to work forward, symbolizing “action”
(s) action/acting
(c) various action, activity, a situation by action/a way or a matter for doing things, a fork (by its shape.)

57: the similar shape to the traditional question mark
(s) not clear; questionable situation, as a part of a interrogative sentence, as the grammatical usage
(c) doubted, interrogative pronouns, wonder/question,
* to form the character for “child” as the life-time

58: the 180 degree turned shape of 57, symbolizing a possible situation.
(s) possible/able
(c) possible/possibility, adult/mature, hanging (seeing the base as the hook shape)

59: the shape of a drop of water
(s) water
(c) water in various conditions, a place/facility with water, various kinds of liquid,
various situations/qualities/things related to water/liquid
* to form fundamental characters for some particular plants and animals partly with this shape

60: the shape looking like shining on the original direction, and piercing/achieving forward at the same time.
(s) truth, true
(c) penetrate, piercing, consistent/throughout, straight (the heading point and the origin are in one wrap),
* to form the fundamental characters for “horn/threat” and “nail”

61: the shape symbolizing the hand sign to point front by thumb
(s) front
(c) front/before as location, before as time/sequence, forward,
* to form the base overlay for foot as the part of picture without meaning “front”

62: the shape symbolizing the hand sign to point back by thumb
(s) the back, rear
(c) behind/back as the location, after/later as time/sequence, backward

63: the shape looking like facing to the original direction against the flowing of writing
(s) a gentle situation, restraint
(c) meaning reduction, weakened, slow, restrained,
* to form the fundamental base overlays for hand and its applications

64: the shape looking like having very strong energy forward (as the opposite of 63)
(s) shocked, shocking
(c) meaning emphasized, very, shocked/shocking, fast/quick, violent,
* to form fundamental characters for machine and the application

65: the shape looking like a standing human opening the legs, or people supporting each other
(s) human, person
(c) general person or people, a social human or society, one's occupation, human beings/mankind
* to form a fundamental picture-like character for “arm”

66: the shape looking like a plant growing and expanding upward
(s) plant
(c) a part/condition/growing process/ kind/product of plant,
*to form fundamental characters for face, nose, horn, tentacles, only as a part of these simplified pictures

67: the up-side-down shape of the traditional heart shape, with lively feeling
(s) life/lives, live
(c) the body/a part/ a process/relation of human or animals,
conditions/quality/needs of a life, various living creatures and organic things.
*to form a fundamental character for fruit.

68: the similar shape to the traditional heart symbol
(s) the human heart (not a muscular organ) regarded as the seat of emotions,
the will, consciousness, inmost thought and various human spiritual feelings,
but not the logical thought and mental tendency
(c) general spiritual/psychological concepts, phenomena/personalities of heart,
some kinds of feeling, consciousness, will, * to form a fundamental character for flower

69: similarly to 0 (zero), the ellipse shape
(s) 0 (zero), nothing
(c) mathematical expression to make clear figures of large or infinitesimal numerals, zero/empty,
* to form a fundamental base overlays regarding this base as a torso/main part of body,
and characters for ellipse and some oval shaped things

70: the shape showing a space between two things/borders/time spots
(s) space, room between things/borders/time spots
(c) duration, space between/among things/events, amount/size of space, space/sky, air/gas
*to form a fundamental character for bird and wing-related things

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(c)1997 Yoshiko McFarland