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Living Creatures:
.Classification of lives (生物分類)
Body-features (体の部分) . Parts and Gradations of Plant (植物の部分と成長過程)
.Primates and Classification of Lives (霊長類) . Mammals (哺乳動物) . Vertebrates (脊椎動物) . Insects (虫)
.Various Plants .Directions . movements . tools . environments
Location Direction and shape (位置・方向・形)

This section has English and Japanese explanations; please ignore the Japanese parts,
or if you'd like to learn the Japanese words too on the way, see here to view Japanese writings.

{ , , }(looking like a insect): insect (wider meaning than Insecta)

or grass: Orthoptera/ grasshopper
or tree: Cicadoidea/ cicada
or (for the parallel wings shape): Odonata/ dragonfly
or > (for the shape): Diptera/ fly
or (for the shape): Hymenoptera/ bee
or (for the shape): Formicidae/ant
or needle: Culicidae/ mosquito
or sound: Grylloidea/ cricket
or water large: Hemiptera, Lethocerus/giant water bug
or line: Myriapoda/ centipede
or small: general tem for small bugs such as flea, bedbug, tick etc.
Another modification is compounded/joined for for specifying species

{ (for the shape),{ , } the main part of 'insect'}:  Coleoptera/beetle

or light: Lampyridae/ firefly
or  water: Coleoptera, Gyrinidae/ whirligig
or large: Coleoptera, Dytiscidae/Predaceous diving beetle
or  horned: Trypoxylus/ rhinoceros beetle
or the right and the left (horns): Lucanidae/ Stag beetles
or dot: Coccinellidae/ lady-bird, ladybug

{ sheet, {, } the main part of 'insect' symbol}: Lepidoptera/ Butterfly

or fire}: Lepidoptera/moth

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