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Living Creatures:
.Classification of lives (生物分類) .

Body-features (体の部分) . Parts and Gradations of Plant (植物の部分と成長過程)
.Primates and Classification of Lives (霊長類) . Mammals (哺乳動物) . Vertebrates (脊椎動物) . Insects (虫)
.Various Plants .Directions . movements . tools . environments
Location Direction and shape (位置・方向・形)

This section has English and Japanese explanations; please ignore the Japanese parts,
or if you'd like to learn the Japanese words too on the way, see here to view Japanese writings.

Fundamental symbols are hieroglyphics and each of them is in inverted color.
The contents of { } show the elements of compounded meanings.
Enjoy guessing what before seeing English.
** In this dictionary, English articles are omitted since EL doesn't need them.
The contents of ( ) are Japanese.


(Face-shape): face (顔)
{face, both sides}: cheek (頬),
{face, upper}:
forehead, but no hair growing part (額),
{face, under}: chin (顎先),
{head, front}: fore head, but hair growing part (前頭)
{head, hair}: hair of the head (髪)

eye (目)
{ eye, cover}: eyelid (まぶた)
{eye, white}: sclera/white part of eye (白目)
{ eye, dot} as the picture: pupil (瞳)
{pupil, change}: iris (虹彩)
{eye, hair}: eyelash (まつげ)
{eye, upper, hair}: eyebrow (眉毛)
{eye, water}: tear (涙)

(human's node shape): nose (鼻)
{nose, root}: root of nose (鼻の付け根)
{nose,  upper}: Glabella/the middle of eyebrows (眉間)
{nose, cover}: nostri (小鼻)
{nose, tunnel}: the hole of Naris/nostril (鼻孔)

(mouth-shape): mouth (口)
{mouth, upper}: Philtrum (鼻の下、唇の上部)
{mouth, under}: memtalabial sulcus (唇の舌の窪み部分)
{ mouth, cover}: lips (両唇)
{lips, upper}: upper lip (上唇)
{lips, lower}: lower lip (下唇)
{ mouth, liquid}: saliva (唾液)
{mouth, move}: jaws (顎)
{ a part of mouth/sense, the shape of tongue}: tongue (舌)

{ ear-shape/time, sense}: ear/auditory organ (耳)
{ear, cover}: Pinna/auricle of ear (耳殻)
{ear, cover,lower}: Lobule/earlobe (耳たぶ)
{ear, tunnel}: ear hole (耳穴)


Hand hand

{ function, controlled} (hand-shape): hand (手)
{hand, flat surface}: palm (てのひら)
{hand, inner, part}:
inside of hand (手の内側)
{hand, outer, part}: outside of hand;
{hand, outer, flat surface}:
the back part except fingers (手の甲)
{ joint, hand}: wrist(手首)
{hand, branch}: finger (指)
{first, finger}: thumb (親指)
{second, finger}: index-finger (人差し指)
{third, finger}: middle-finger (中指)
{fourth, finger}: ring-finger (薬指)
{fifth, finger}: pinkie (小指)
{finger, joint}: knuckle (指の節)

nail (爪)


foot foot/feet (足)
{foot, upper}: the upper part of foot (足の甲)
{foot, lower}: the bottom of foot (足の裏)
{foot, back, lower}: heel (かかと)
{foot, inner}: inner part of foot (足の内側)
{foot, outer}: outer part of foot (足の外側)
{foot, surface}:
the bottom part of foot except toes (指を含めない足の裏)
{foot, branch}: toe(s) (足の指)
{toe}} {nail}: toe-nail (足の爪)
{ joint, foot}: ankle (足首)
{joint, toe}: toe-joint (足指の節)


Whole body

whole body face (顔)
head (頭)
{head, upper}: crown (頭頂部)
{head, front}: front part of the head (前頭部)
{head, back}: the behind of the head (後頭部)
{head, the left}: the left side of the head (頭の左側)
{head, the right}: the right side of the head (頭の右側)
{head, hair}: hair of the head (髪)
(any kind of) hair (毛)
{ face, hair}: facial hair/beard (顔毛)
*more distinguishable
{body, hair}: body hair (体毛)

neck/joint (首)
{neck, front}: outer throat (喉)
shoulder (肩)
{shoulder, front}: clavicle/collarbone (鎖骨)
{shoulder, joint}: Shoulder-joint (肩関節)
{shoulder, plane, back}: scapula/shoulder blade (肩甲骨)

arm (腕)
{arm, upper}: upper arm (上腕)
{arm, lower}: forearm (下腕)
{arm, outer}: outer arm (腕の外側)
{arm, inner}: inner arm (腕の内側)
{ joint, arm}: elbow (肘)
{arm, the left}: the left arm (左腕)
{arm, the right}: the right arm (右腕)

hand (手)
{hand, the left}: the left hand (左手)
{hand, the right}: the right hand (右手)
{hand, opened}: opened hand (開いた手)
{ hand, rolled}: fist (拳)
{ neck, hand}: wrist(手首)

torso (胴体)
{torso, back}: Back (背中)
{torso, back, upper}: Upper part of the back (背中上部)
{ torso, back, lower}: Buttock (臀部)
{ torso, front}: the front part of torso (胴体前部)
{torso, front, upper}: Thorax/chest (胸部)
{torso, front, lower}: Abdomen (腹部)
{torso, separating, line }: Waist
{torso, horizontal two dots shape}: Breast (乳房)
{breast, dot}: Nipple (乳首)
{torso, center dot}: Umbilicus/Navel (臍)
{torso, protuberance}: Penis (陰茎)
{torso, hollow}: Pudenda/vulva (女性器)

leg (脚)
{leg, starting point}: Groin/root of the leg (そけい部(脚の付け根)
{leg, upper}: Thigh (大腿部)
{leg, lower, front}: Shin (脛)
{leg, lower, back}: Calf (ふくらはぎ)
{leg, the left}: the left leg (左脚)
{leg, the right}: the right leg (右脚)
{ leg, joint}: knee (膝)

(foot-shape): foot/feet (足)
{foot, the left}: left foot (左足)
{foot, the right}: the right foot (右脚)
{foot, neck}: ankle (足首)
{foot, branch}: toe/toes (つま先)

female (女/雌), : male (男/雄)

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