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This page provides printable easy texts to learn Earth Language.
To read these documents or tables, 
you have to install the new EL Font (Earth3) first in your computer.

# Table of Bases and hand signs with each meaning (102kb, doc-file)
(For meditating or dancing with EL, having this would be convenient.
Edited by MS word. You need to install the EL Font to read this. January 2011)

# Daily and Traveler's Conversations 1 (32kb, zip-file)
(since Feb. 1st 2007; the latest update on March 15th)

This conversations model was from a German phrase book to learn English,
sent by Jo Chen. Now this table holds 160 phrases in EL, English, Germany,
Japanese, Esperanto and partially a few other languages.
Partially another constructed language, NOXILO language by Sentaro Mizuta joined. (Feb. 08 2007)
If you could voluntarily fill another language column, I'd appreciate it. (last update: June 2007)
This file was made by MS Excel.

The following files made by MS Word have English and Japanese translations.
Please delete the Japanese parts, if you mind them.
(This bilingual setting is for the creator Yoshiko and Japanese people's convenience
to learn both EL and English at once.)

# EL Dictionary for Body-Features (16kb, zip-file)
(the latest update on March 15th, start: Feb. 1st 2007)

You'll see that most parts of outer body features are shown by a symbol in EL;
and the basic parts are simplified pictures.
So you can memorize a lot at a time quickly and easily.
Also Illustrated Dictionary page will help you with pictures.

# EL Dictionary for concepts related to body parts (39 kb, zip-file)
(start: March 1st 2007)

Here You'll see examples of verbs, tools and things to do etc. related to various body parts.
Seeing those examples, you'll visually understand EL expressions and the system.

There are some main symbols about internal body parts in the dictionary site.
It would be better to increase them with biological corroboration. Please help!

EL leaflet
(7kb zip-file) (July, 2008)

This EL introduction document was edited for printing on a letter-size paper, using MS Word.
If you'd like to share EL with some English users around you, please give them this leaflet. 
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

EL Home


これらを読むには新しい地球語フォント(Earth3)のインストール が必要です。

★日常および旅行者の会話160 (32kb)
(start: Feb. 1st 2007, last update: March 1st 2007)

水田扇太郎さんのノシロ語も最初の一部のみ加わりました。(Feb. 08, 2007)
MS Excelで制作しましたので、その背景がないと読めない恐れがあります。


★外から見た体の部分の字典 (16kb) (Feb. 1st 2007)


体の部分に関係する用語字典 (39kb) (start: March 1st, 2007)



A4サイズ (Zipファイルで7kb)
レターペーパー・サイズ (Zipファイルで7kb)