The Philosophy of Earth Language 地球語の考え方

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The Basic philosophy of the system and Symbols
Articles related to the EL philosophy or symbols

# The Basic Philosophy (May 2020) "The Model is Nature 根本の考え方 「自然がモデル」

About where the EL(Earth Language) leads the users to.
For example, what do you recognize related to COVID19 in Earth Language?
(with the symbol of "recognition)
(「認識」のシンボルを通して考える) --- May 31, 2020 ---

# The meaning of the frame/the empty square

# The Meaning and the Energy of a Symbol Form シンボルの形がもつエネルギーと意味

Please wait, the contents will come little by little. Some examples are in the above series, too.

# Learning from the Ninja way to survive in 2021

How ninja were getting over their harsh stress. ---Dec. 2020---

#The Magical Method of a Grandma (March 2020) 婆の魔法のツール 

The COVID19 Pandemic brought the darkness over the world. We can see even a small light in the darkness.
Isn't it a chance to find out the sign of an ideal future? A Grandma talks this 1-8 series with her magical method.
(with the symbols of "nature,""artificial,""time,""past,""now,""future."
ある婆が魔法のツールを使って未来を探り語るシリーズです。---March 2020---
(1) - (3) (4) - (6) (7) - (8)