Earth Language Philosophy series

The Magical Method of a Grandma (4-6)

The grandma keeps talking.
What an important thing to imagine the future world is, what the real democracy is like,
and how much we came closer or still far away to it now.

The Magical Method of a Grandma

(4) Time; Past, Present and Future
(5) True/Real
(6) De-nation and new way of relationship
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(4) 時、過去・現在・未来
(5) 真/現実
(6) 脱国家と新しいつながり方
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(4) Time; Past, Present and Future

[The base to represent "Time"]
Turn the "nature" base 90 degrees to the right and put the center at the center of the frame, this new form symbolizes "time."

You know that "time" and "space" are both necessary and nothing can exist if one of them does not exist. Time is one of the most important elements of our background to give order to the entire existences of this world.

One rule of EL is writing a sentence from the left to the right. Then the image toward the right gives you the feeling of going forward, right?

Therefore the “time” base looks like the form of energy that is reaching "now" while significantly turning forward. You can’t see any substances in the right side of the arch, though you can imagine any possibilities there.

The “time” base opens for infinite spaces on both the future side and the past side, but the time that we really feel is only "now."

The past is in the memory of the human brain, and the future still doesn’t exist in memory.

Therefore the form of “the past” is shown by the bases-overlay of "time” and “in,” and the form of "the future" is shown by "time” and “out.” And “Now” is represented by the overlay of "time" and “real/true” bases.

(* Why does the left-pointed arrow mean “in,” and the right-pointed arrow mean “out”?
Because it’s from linking between the base form and its hand-sign. In the EL hand sign, the left arrow sign points "inward," and the right arrow points "outward with a thumb" in front of the shoulder.)

The human brain sometimes rewrites its past memory and the future image, to match with the present situation. But being now is obviously real.

AI usually uses big data recorded in the close past. However big it is, the data can’t completely avoid bias. Also it’s hard to get a totally new vision, as long as you keep tied to the base of the recent past society.

Just because of the simple forms of EL symbols, it can remind you the important base of your life, whenever you use them.

(5) True/Real

[The base to represent "true/truth"]
The "truth" base is a part of the symbol of “now” as the overlay with  the “time” base. The form of the base shows some “importance” with the tip like a drill head, and symbolizes the energy being of "truth" that surely runs through from the origin to the future.

Humans have the characteristic to feel power and joy by touching "the truth", and want to master it more deeply. One pursues the natural law that goes through the universe, and others seek to find exquisite harmony in colors, forms, rhythms and touches. A thing carried through "the truth" conveys an impression crossing over the times, areas and cultures.

Probably "the truth" is connected to the core of the universe which produced the world. "Nature" might produce humans to feel it. When you sense resonance and consonance with your family or friends or nature, don’t you feel like the universe smiles?

If an ultimate ideal society could be, such a resonance must never die out there.... Everyone would compete over "the truth", and co-perform for harmony. Both human society and the whole of nature on earth would be full of life, by circulation of each true value.

Do you think that it’s useless to imagine such a world jumping over a reality base?
But isn’t it natural that an ideal is on the new base crossing over the reality?
At first somebody has to dream of an ideal society and to begin being aware of the new base, otherwise we can’t have any possibilities to advance there.

If you want to realize an ideal, you need to revolutionize the problems of the reality base, or to lift the base stage up into the new structure.

The technology has developed the destructive power at an increasing tempo for the past ten years, and can get mother-earth out of order. On the other hand, its function has also grown rapidly to encourage world people to unite.

By its help, many collaborations started across a genre and areas in the art world and the medical, natural science or other scientific communities, and push forward busy new developments.

People thousands of kilometers apart can know each other through cyberspace, and can freely share information and sense of values. The world that was only a dream 30 years ago has already come true.

However, against this natural movement that the whole planet is going to be roundly connected, the reality world adversely pushes forward disparity and separation.

The base of the political and economical sociaties rigidly trails the past "artificial way."

The largest artificial structure of the existing world is the system of nations and money. And they make the world deflected badly.

Furthermore, at the base, languages work to keep unequality of the world.

The order of nature does not change, but the structure of "artificial thing" fades and changes depending on the times. When the system of nations and money becoming unnatural, we should invite a new way to bring back balance of the world, shouldn’t we?

Technology with superhuman power shouldn’t be used for the selfish purpose of a part of humanity. We have to use it to connect whole societies together to make harmony, while putting it under human control all together. Is it a time to be tied to the old base, egocentrically saying, “more national interest” or “take hegemony”?  

(6) De-nation and new way of relationship

This blue planet did not have borders originally. The development of the farming technique made surplus products, and people saved wealth by trade, and political power was brought up to protect wealth and local people from others, and to manage them, then there was a nation. The primitive age with family-centered small groups was hundreds of times longer than the national times.

The nations have built walls and created military power for national defense and national interest. And conflicts and wars to take advantage have never stopped somewhere on earth.

Are we, humans living in a competitive dog eat dog society?
With such a base, there is no way to link the planet into one unless bringing it under control by the force of the conqueror. Every country hates being gained control of. Fighting for hegemony does not stop.

Is the base system of the animal kingdom "true" in the human society, too?
Other animals kill only for supporting their own life, but now human beings have enough power to break even the earth.

And using this way to delete languages and cultures to unify into the strongest ones is backward to the order of "truth" of "nature" which develops while diversifying. So it will never be stable in that way.
Is it the time now to make efforts lazily to be in the winner country group? Shouldn’t we cooperate together to upgrade the current base of the planet entirely? By learning ancient wisdom which only humans have had.

What state of thing is that wisdom?
In the beginning, the main reasons that humans could survive in the harsh environment surrounded by fierce animals were connecting and helping each other. The human’s physical power was inferior, but they got a special brain to memorize and to store past information, and they could share it among their community to use it for the future. So the descendants survived by the knowledge and could pile their experiences, too. Today's technology world was brought after the information links from our innumerable ancestors in the past.

Is it not the human wisdom to let this power of information link act for permanence along "the truth" of "nature?"

What was between the ancient humans’ bonds under the harsh environment?
A heart to think of a life.
Impressions to sympathize with family, friends and the variety of lives sharing the moment, and the universe.
Joy and love to help for somebody.
They had these happy emotions and were able to knit their future.

Now AI analysis by its self deep-learning became greater than human brain ability. We don’t want to be slaves of AI. Don’t you think that we have no choice other than learning from the base of the ancient society where they survived by cherishing human hearts?

 What do you think about the following ideas to adopt their base to the de-national world?

# Respect to "nature" and a life
Not egocentrism, and having a viewpoint from the order of nature.

# Respect for individuality
It is responsible and joyful to contribute to the society by showing each person’s unique ability.

The traditional culture where you were born is a part of your personality, right? Can’t you keep it without the nation’s wall? You can see your tradition’s characteristics and the way to put it to good use clearer than when being submerged in the tradition, simply because of geting earthian eyes, can’t you?

# Freedom to link and diversification of ID
A terrestrial globe does not have the borderline, all humans are earthians. The regionality is only one item of personal variety of identification record. The individual links to freely self-selected groups to act and work. Then they all flexibly tie together to make globe-like harmony.

A whole body is affected just by the splinter of the rose piercing a little finger and stops work. Structure of the cells of the whole body is holistically connected by electricity and hormones to communicate with each other, and keep our life letting it enjoy.

Each of the future people also will be more deeply conscious for harmonizing connections between person and person, human and the whole universe.

# True democracy and the basic education
As there is no cross-national conflict, the war expenditures including the nucleus are almost unnecessary, and the technology sifts the center of gravity from hardware to software and more raises the ability of recognition, protection, linking and rearrangement of information.

That technology helps as backup for politics to reflect all earth citizens’ voices timely and directly.

The children learn the basic education as an earthian and the traditional culture from all ancestors in parallel, and grow up while searching about themselves. Basic education to know the important essence to live works to avoid the chaotic mob rule that is easy to fall into it.

# Thanks and joy are driving forces of the society
All lands and oceans are borrowed things from the earth.
Resources and the energy are presents from the earth, too.
These users pay a suitable reward for maintenance of the earth and the social durability. Therefore there is contribution to society without anyone worrying about food, clothing and shelter somehow, and there is no reason to be a terrorist any more. The people contribute or serve for the society while advancing towards own dream. Uneasiness and desire of personal possessiveness decrease, and eagerness to contribute increase. The joy to be connected by altruism mind becomes the power source of the society.

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・ 「時」記号



そこで「時」記号は、大きく回転しながら「今」に達している エネルギーの形に見える。その先には、無限の可能性が広がっていそうだけど、実体はまだ何も見えない。



そこで、「過去」は「時」と「内」の重ね、「未来」は「時」と「外」の重ね記号で表し、「今」は、「時」と「真」を重ねた「現実の時」の意味の記 号で表現されるの。
(*なぜ内・外が左・右を指す矢印記号かって?地球語の基礎記号は、その形を手の形・位置・動きで示す手話にも対応しているのよ。 左矢印は肩前で「内側」を指し、右矢印は「外側」を指す手話とリンクしてるからなのね。)


AIが用いるデータは、近過去の集積であることが多いね。だから大量のデータを使ってもいくらかは偏る。 また、近過去のベースに縛られたままでは、根本的に新しいビジョンには行き着けない。



・ 「真」記号

「時」と重ねて「今」を構成する「真」記号。これは、大切さ・価値にかかわる丸い記号が、先端を尖らせて錐のように変形し、貫き進んでいるように 見えるでしょ?始原から未来へと確かに貫く「真」のエネルギーのあり方を表しているのね。

ヒトには、「真」に触れると力と喜びを感じ、さらに深く究めたくなる特性があるよね。ある者は宇宙を貫く法則性を追求し、またある者は色や形やリ ズムやタッチなどの中に絶妙な調和を見出す。「真」に貫かれたものごとは、時代や地域や文化の差を乗り越えて感動を伝える。

「真」はたぶん、この世を生み出した宇宙の芯とつながる状態ね。「自然」は、それを自ら感じるためにヒトを生み出したのかもしれない。仲間と共鳴 し、自然と共振するとき、あんたは宇宙もにっこりするように感じない?

もし究極の理想社会があるとすれば、そこにはそんな共鳴共振が絶えないのではないかな?みんなが「真」をめぐって競い、協奏し、それぞれの心から の価値が循環して、ヒト社会も自然も、地球全体で活き活きしている・・・





何千kmも隔てて暮らす者同士が、ネット空間を通じて出会い、情報や価値観をシェアして自由につながれる。30年前には夢でしかなかった世界が既 に実現しているのよね。






超人間力をもつに至ったテクノロジーは、一部のヒトの利己目的で使われるべきじゃない。全体社会をつないで調和をもたらすために活用し、暴走しな いよう、みんなでコントロールしてゆかなくては世界は続かない。国益だ、覇権だと、旧ベースに捕われている場合じゃないのでは?


国家は、農業技術の発達が余剰生産物を産み、交易で富が貯まり、地域民と富を他から護り管理する政治権力が育ってできてきた。家族中心の小さなグ ループで暮らした原始時代のほうが、国家時代より何百倍も永かった。




そしてまた、多様な言語や文化を制圧するやり方は、多様化しながら発展する「自然」の「真」の秩序に逆行する。だから、安定に向かうはずがない よ。

今は、国々が勝ち組みになろうと無駄に努力をしている場合かしら?集まって地球社会の現状基盤を丸ごとアップグレードするために協力すべきじゃな いの?ヒトならではの英知から学んでさ。

原始のヒトが大型動物ひしめく困難な環境の中で生き延びられたのは、つながって助け合ったからよね。ヒトは肉体的な力では他に劣るけれど、過去の 情報を記憶し蓄えるヒトならではの脳力を得た。その情報をシェアし、仲間や未来に伝えつないだために、その知識で生き延び、さらに体験情報を積み 重ねることができた。今日のテクノロジー世界は、過去無数の祖先からの情報つながりの末にもたらされているのよ。


原始の厳しい環境下で、人と人をつなぐ間にあったのは、命を思う心。家族や仲間や同じ瞬間を分け合っているいろんな命そして宇宙、それらの共鳴す る感動。

今は、AIの分析力がディープラーニングによってヒトの脳力を超える時代。ヒトがAIの奴隷にならないためには、「ヒトの心」を大切にして生き延 びた原始のヒトの原点から学ぶほかないと思わない?




生れついた伝統文化は、あんたの個性の一部よね?それは、国家の壁なしでは保てないの?地球人の目を得たからこそ、伝統の中に浸っていたときより もその特徴と活かし方がもっとはっきり見えるんじゃない?

・つながる自由とID の多様化
地球儀に国境線は無く、ヒトは皆地球人。地域性は個人の多様なID記録の1項目に過ぎない。個人は、自由選択したいくつかのグループにつながりな がら活躍する。そしてその柔軟な総合で球状の調和を構成する。

バラの棘が小指に突き刺さったとき、全身がショックを感じて作業をストップさせるでしょ。ヒトの体は、数十兆個の細胞同士が電気やホルモンでホリ スティックにつながって、全身に情報を伝え合いながら命を護り謳歌しているのね。


国家間の対立がないので、核を含む軍事費はほぼ無要となる。テクノロジーは、ハードからソフトへ重心を移し、情報の認識・保護・つなぎ・整理の能 力をさらに高める。そして全地球民の意見が直接タイムリーに政治に反映するよう助ける。

子供は、地球人としての基礎教育と、先祖からの伝統文化を並行して学び、自己探求しながら育つ。生きるために大切な本質を知る基礎教育が、衆愚政 治に陥らないよう防ぐ。

これらの利用者は、相応の謝礼を地球のメンテナンスと社会の持続性のために支払う。そこで地球民の誰もが、最低の衣食住にはありつけ、テロを起こ す理由がなくなり、人々は、自分の夢に向かって進みながら社会貢献する。不安と私的所有欲が減り、貢献意欲は増進。利他精神でつながる喜びが社会 を動かすエネルギーになる。

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