Earth Language Philosophy series

The Magical Method of a Grandma (7) - (8)

What we should have for bringing up the new world
 based on mutual trust and cooperation
instead of monetary competition and fight.
The Grandma offers her concrete opinionsand finishes her talking.


The Magical Method of a Grandma

(7) From number value to hearty value
(8) The common software in the human brain

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(7) 数の価値から心の価値へ
(8) 地球人共通の脳内ソフトウェア

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(7) From number value to hearty value

Do you think such a world to be a mere dreamlike story?
The modern living was the world of the dream within a dream for me 60 years ago. People’s consciousness toward an ideal can push the world to advance quickly.

Actually a change has already come up to the money that has driven nations. The system so call block-chain. Sounds interesting. Its realization started mainly in Russia to oppose the key currency, US dollars, they say, and it is not generally used yet. The idea is to form an original economic zone by digital money, and to start a new circle of economy jumping over a nation’s wall.

All the members can inspect the data which was dispersed and accumulated on the net, and, for the structure that watches it mutually, a chain of trust consists without the monopolistic data manager such as the government and the bank.

It is an epoch-making thing. Because the money that has been the material evidence of business deletes its form, and it will not be what we carry, and value is exchanged by the trust of the information record immediately.

Today, many of the rich seem to gain money by just relocating it by using such things as the system of key currency, foreign exchange gains, cross-national tax rate differences. But if this new way becomes mainstream, such a system on the differences between countries can not be used for putting up the numerical value of the wealth under the new structure.

The capitalism economy basically keeps increasing a capital to maintain the system. So GDP is competed for, and both the company and the individual have a tendency to struggle for numerical raises of their capital, leaving their happiness behind.

How about adding individual experience-based records to the data of block-chain? Though we don’t like opening personal information to the public where it is often abused, but the people in a society based on trust and cooperation might positively disclose their information to exchange cooperation.

The heart to feel value might be more important than a numerical value for these people. The attitude ignoring pangs of conscience for profit: such as, investment goes to a military industry by catching news of a battle coming soon, could be reduced, and their investment and support goes for creations and plans that they heartily want to support, don’t you think so?

In the group based on mutual trust, the value exchange without numerical guarantee may increase.

For example, you young ones take care of the elderly or the physically disabled, leaving these records in the group system. Then when you need help in the future, you can receive care from somebody else by using the past record.

Or how about the international vacation exchange group? A Japanese member, you provide a guest room and guide for a tourist from Germany, while leaving its record. Later when you take a vacation in Mexico by using your record in the group, you can get the same service from a Mexican member in his unique way. You can learn a lot of things differently from just money business, can’t you?

The hippie culture that rose from California in 1960-70s had a similar ideal. But many of them became computer geeks without following that ideal for a long time. Curiosity is a big driving force in life. They could not satisfy curiosity in just a circle of hippies, and sought larger possibilities for their life, I suppose.

Today, technology is going to enable creating global scale circles based on mutual trust. Of course it’s necessary to give more security to the technology and to
bring up each person’s heart to be connected with others by making clear the meaning of the link and the responsibility. Even so, people can easily share the sense of comfort with the harmonious connection based on mutual trust beyond the walls of countries.

Because it is the way of the sustainable world along the order of nature. A person is fine because each cell in its body plays its part well. As well as that, the planet society can be turning around gently and peacefully with rich contents by the holistic link of fine individuals who show each ability enough.

If no one has any ideal image, the world turns into chaos. But if you begin to be conscious of ideal society along "the truth," the ideal will surely approach towards you.

But we still have a difficult problem to reach there. The language barrier heavily sits down to keep people unequal and to continue seeding of misunderstandings.

(8) The software in the Earthian common brain

The languages are the first reason to create this unevenness at the bottom of this world.

The language is a container of a thought. Nevertheless, every race uses different languages. When communicating among them, the stronger’s language and the way to think naturally becomes the mainstream, so the bias happens in the world.

The language area of the human brain is like a hard disk of a computer which works by the electrical connection of the neuron. That part is common among any humans, but the software to let it actually work with words, that is to say a traditional language, is various and it is incompatible with others.

Unless creating a common software in the brain by all earthians’ cooperation to share it, the bias of this planet society will never go away.

Now English education is prosperous in multiple areas, but this is also a seed of the inequity. The English strength has extinguished minor languages and it drives other cultures on the cooperative base to the "competition to win" culture, and has spoiled diversity of language and culture.

You think it will be all right because the interpreter tech can help it?
The fact that you use only your language means that you think everything only by the way of your language. You cannot notice the basic difference of thinking ways between your idea and the other’s forever as far as depending on translation by machine or somebody else. Therefore you cannot think in the state of the counterpart.

All traditional languages in the nation-era are insufficient for the common software of the brain in the earthian-era. They all are only the languages that national culture brought up.

The amount of information in the earthian-era is tremendous and the contents are complicated. It is necessary to arrange it  to show clearly and understandably. Information keeps increasing, so the common brain software also have to be prepared for that future, too, with more flexibility on information arrangement.

The common auxiliary language of the earthian-era should not be the same structure as traditional languages. While a traditional language conveys the information through the ear, the auxiliary language does it through eyes, such methods will work.

If it works like Emoji which has more rational system with more functions, the simple Emoji can help infants even to learn their mother tongue; so the Emoji can be the secondary mother language to see.

When it is more systematized enough for earthian usages, it can mediate any traditional languages, can’t it?

What do you think, if each form of the element which makes just a simple Emoji for an infant, has some deep meaning based on our mother nature?

You’ve seen some examples of the basic symbol, such as “nature,” “artificial” and “time.” Could you understand a little about what the forms show and how the overlay works?

The expressions of the universe by a combination of basic elements of nature can be commonly shared beyond cultures, right?

At the same time, you have to be conscious of the relation of things and the relation between yourself and the world whenever you use such symbols. The symbols look simple, but your thought get deepened with the view from the origin.

 The next generations who grew up in this way must experience the fun and pleasure to communicate with that way.  Such people would continue to use and cooperate to bring up both original and common languages together.

IT and AI help their activity. Through that cooperative process, the people would come to respect each other’s tradition and to get mutual understanding better.

Also the project to build up and spread the common software in the brain works for humans to keep using the “artificial things” for peace, and not to be controlled by them.

The participants of the project will naturally learn about the relationship between himself and the whole also about responsibility. These are important things to raise his culture as a member of the society based on mutual trust, I think.
Besides, the project will be able to bring constructive economic effect on a large scale without using the resources. The language system works to stimulate creativity, so, it will be possible to create various new types of job to be more than enough even if it absorbs all the existing military related population in the world.

Of course there is the risk that a connection of mutual trust is broken as the heretic is in any world. But the way of thinking based on nature  as the axis supports mutual trust bases. So people treasure “the truth” as much as this software in the brain spread, and the risks decrease. Don’t you think that a harmonious world can be brought up more safely and faster with this way than in the way with nuclear weapons?

"The Earth Language" is a sample invented for such an auxiliary language.

While I tried to use this, my way of thinking changed. Earth Language made me open my new eyes as a magic. I came to see things in an overall connection with the natural order. If the majority did it, too, they might make a great magic to change the world from the numerical competition base to the mutual trust base.

Personal computers and the Internet also were magical tools to me at first, but for young you, they’ve been daily necessities from the beginning. Earth Language will work for the future people as well, I believe.

If you’d like to know more about the EL plan, please refer to the following pages

Earth Language
 English edition Table of contents
  EL Font Download

The most of this site were built from the dawn of the Internet around 2010. So the technique and the expressions in the site look old, lack of details, and even including some wrong parts. Even so, there are full of basic ideas to prepare for the earthian era and the systems never grow aged.

The founder says that this plan is still tentative, it means that you can be a leader of the project to refine it and to spread it.

Why don’t you download the free EL font first and  play with it to make various shapes by overlay typing? If you are at home with your family because of the pandemic, try EL typing with them together to imagine the future of your family. I hope you’ll have a surprising inspiration and nice conversations with it. Or practice some hand signs for actual daily usage among your family. It would be much fan.

Thank you for listening my long talk. Please think and act about my proposal.

 Early spring in 2020
     a grandma

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既に、国家を動かしてきたおカネに変化が起きつつあるようね。ブロックチェーンという仕組み、ドル基軸に対向して主にロシアで実用化が進められ、 まだ一般的ではないものの、面白そう。電子マネーによる独自の経済圏を形成し、国家の壁を飛び越えて経済の輪を作るというアイデア。

ネット上に分散蓄積したデータをメンバー全員が検証でき、相互に見張り見張られる構造のため、政府や銀行のような独占的なデー タ管理者なしに信用のチェーンが成り立つのね。


現代は、基軸通貨の仕組みや為替差益や国家間の税率差などで富の数値上げが盛んに行われているようね。だけどこの新手段が主流になれば、国家間の 差を利用して富を肥やすことはできなくなるよね?

資本主義経済は、基本的におカネの数量を増やし続けて維持する構造よね。そこで、GDPが競われ、企業も個人も幸せを置いてきぼりにして、資本の 数値上げに奮闘してきた。

ブロックチェーンのような仕組みのデータに、取引記録だけでなく個人の体験記録も加えるとどうだろう?個人情報を悪用する者が多い社会では公開を 嫌うけれど、助け合いがベースの社会では積極的に開示する方が協力を交換しやすいのではない?

そこでは、数値よりも価値を感じる心がもっと大切にされるのではないかな?儲けのためなら心の痛みを無視する態度;たとえば、戦闘が始まりそうと 聞いて軍事産業に投資したり、新型肺炎の流行でマスクを買い占めるような件は減り、心から応援したい創造や企画に投資や応援が向かうのでは?


たとえば、若いあんたがお年寄りや体の不自由な人の世話をし、グループ内に記録を残す。そして将来あんたが助けて欲しいとき、その記録を証に他の 誰かから世話を受けることができる。

また、国際民泊グループってのはどう?日本人メンバーのあんたが欧州からの旅行者の案内や宿の世話をし、次にあんたがメキシコを旅する時には、過 去の記録を使って今度はメキシコ人から民泊のお世話になる・・・おカネの取引とは違う学びがたくさんありそうじゃない?

1960-70年代にカリフォルニアから発したヒッピー文化が、同様の理想を持っていたよね。でも長くは続かず、彼らの多くはコンピュータ・オタ クになった。好奇心は、人生の大きな推進力。彼らは、ヒッピーのサークル内では好奇心を満たせず、もっと大きな可能性を求めたんだと思うよ。

いまは、テクノロジーが地球規模で相互信用に基づく輪を可能にしようとしている。勿論そのセキュリティ度をさらに上げ、個人それぞれがつながる意 味と責任を確かにして心を育てなくちゃならない。でも和の輪につながる気持ちよさが、国境の壁を容易に超えさせると、婆は思うの。

細胞一つ一つが元気に役目を果たすことで、一人の人間が元気で居られる。同様に、個人がそれぞれの能力を十分発揮し、それらがホリスティックにつ ながって、柔らかで内容豊かな地球社会が回る。それが、自然の秩序に沿って持続する地球社会のあり方だろうからね。

もし誰も理想を描かなければ、世界は混沌。でも、あんたが「真」につながる理想社会を意識しはじめたなら、その理想はきっとあんたに向かって近づ いてくるよ。




ヒトの言語脳は、ニューロンの電気的なつながりによって働くコンピュータのハードディスクのようなものね。ヒトは、それを共通に持ってるけれど、 それを具体的に働かす脳内ソフトウェア(つまり伝統言語)は、色々あって互換性がない。


今は多地域で英語教育が盛んだけど、これがまた不平等の種。英語の強さは、マイナーな言語を消し、相手を思い遣る文化を「勝つための競争」文化へ と駆りたて、言語と文化の多様性を失わせている。

自分のことばしか知らないことは、その方法でしか考えられないことよ。いくらAIの機械翻訳が上達しても、それに頼ってるかぎり、あんたは、自分 の発想と相手の発想の根本的な違いに気づけない。だからお互いに自分の尺度だけで判断し、相手側の立場に立てない状態がつづくのよ。




多機能を合理的に示す絵文字のような仕組みなら、シンプルな絵文字で幼児が母語を習得することさえ手伝えるよね。そうして育った者にとって、それ は補助的なもう一つの「見る母語」となる。






共通絵文字育ちの次世代は、民族を超えて伝わる面白さと楽しさを体験する。そんな彼らは、ローカル語とその共通語の両母語をさらに協力して育て続 けないかな?


また、ヒトの心が「人工物」に支配されるのではなく、ヒトが「人工物」を平和利用する立場を護るためにも、共通脳内ソフトウェアの創造と普及のプ ロジェクトは働くと思うわ。

そのプロジェクトの参加者は、自分と全体のつながりや責任について自然に学ぶことになる。それは、相互信用社会の一員としての大事な教養ともなる のね。

そしてそのプロジェクトは、資源を使わずに大規模に建設的な経済効果をもたらすことも可能よ。創造性をかき立てる言語の仕組みによって、世界中の 現軍事関連人口をすべて吸収しても余りある多様な職種の仕事を産み出す可能性があるからね。

勿論どんな世にも異端者はいるので、相互信用のつながりが壊されるリスクはある。でもこの脳内ソフトは自然の秩序を軸に考える仕組みなので、この ソフトが普及すればするほど人々は「真」を大切にし、リスクは減る。核兵器を抱える世よりも、はるかに速く安全に和やかな世をもたらせると思わな い?


これを試し使いするうちに、婆の考え方が変わったわ。「地球語」は、魔法のように婆に新しい目を開かせてくれた。ものごとを自然の秩序と共に全体 のつながりの中で見るようになった。大勢がそうなれば、地球社会の基盤を数値獲得競争から相互信用へと換える大魔術だってできるかもしれない。

パソコンやインターネットも、最初私には魔法のツールだったけど、若いあんた達にとっては最初から日用品ね。地球語も、やがてごく当たり前の表現 手段になる日が来ると、私は信じるねぇ。

「地球語」HP日 本語版目次
「地 球語フォント」のダウンロード

このサイトのほとんどは、インターネット黎明期から2010年頃にかけて書かれたので、技術も表現も旧く詳細が不足、ときに間違いさえ見かける。 だけど基本的には、地球人時代に備えるアイデアがいっぱいで、時が経っても古びはしない構造よ。


パンデミックのせいで家族で家に居るなら、一緒に試用しながら未来を考えるのはいかが?思いがけない会話やインスピレーションが湧くかもしれな い。家族の日常会話の一部だけでも地球語手話で伝え合えるようになれば、これもきっと楽しいよ。


2020年 春