Earth Language Philosophy series

The Magical Method of a Grandma (1) - (3)

How we can turn the worldwide misfortune of the pandemic 2020 into a beneficial result?
A Grandma talks to you in this series. She uses a magical method.
Why is it magical? What does she do with it?
Please think together with her.


[The Magical Method of a Grandma] 1-3

Don’t just build up fear of the COVID-19 pandemic.
It might be an important message from Nature to the humans
to let them imagine their truly ideal society and steer for that direction.

(1) Benefit of the pandemic
(2) What is Earth Language?
(3) Nature and artificial thing
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[婆の魔法のツール] 1-3

コロナウィールスによるパンデミックに、不安だけをつのらせないで。ヒトにとっての本当の理想社会に思いを馳せ、そちらへ舵を切るよう、 「自然」からヒトへの重要なメッセージなのかもしれない。婆は語り始めます。

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(1) Benefit of the pandemic

Small birds in our garden who know nothing about the virus are enjoying the coming of spring as always. But in our world, the pandemic news has been going around and changing human living ways of the whole world into abnormal things. The information works for preventing expansion of the virus, but also creates dark clouds of fear over the planet.

I am really sorry for the big loss. But the world doesn’t need to see only negative aspects. No things are only right and wrong. Everything has  both right and wrong sides.

I’ll tell you how I’ve recovered from my serious illnesses and injuries in the past. I made it by thinking about why the universe would give myself such pains, and what kind of message I should receive from these pains. Then I could find the mission that I should do, and my life came back while I focused on it and I could survive.

I wonder if the universe sent us this new virus to let each human review the current situation of the planet which has gone wrong with economic competition.

Don’t you think that the time to spend at home avoiding going out to confine the pandemic can be the once-in-a-lifetime chance to think about turning to the ideal society where human beings can come back to the origin of their spirits?

When you do so, you can get energy to restart through the pandemic, and replace harm with benefit, can’t you?

I noticed three points through seeing people’s reactions against this incident.

1) Peoples have had a common experience as human beings to confront the new virus which is infectious regardless of race, sex and rich or poor. That is to say, it shows that the people could unite as "earthians" together regardless of nationality when harmful aliens appeared.

2) Everyone got surprised to know that a personal unconscious action, such as touching his eyes, mouth or nose, could have an influence on the society, and the speed to link from one to the whole planet.

3) As a result of anti-virus measures such as prohibition of physical large gatherings and movement of people over an area, closure of schools, workplaces, stores and isolation, a lot of people newly experienced teleworking and telemeeting. A big revolution to new ways of working, ways of living, ways of linking and ways of spending time by using Cyberspace seems to have happened. The technology must speed up even more to continue to support it.

From these three cases, don’t you hear the starting sound of growing a ring of humans hand in hand equally as earthians across an area, to bring true democracy? I feel it’s like a gate to connect to the ideal society which I’ve imagined so far.

Long ago, the elderlies were rare and respected from youth, but now their population is increasing more and more. There is a technological gap between these generations, too. So the elderlies and invalids are regarded as economical burdens in the society where competing efficiently is the goal.

However there is the wisdom that would not  be available without experiencing sickness or aging coming close to death. I can’t follow a youth at memory and speed. But it’s hard to capture the total view and the most important point while running around; we can do it better from far away and in slow motion.

Now a days, many seniors can’t follow the modern technology and don’t speak out about their thoughts. But I feel a responsibility to talk about it while I’m still alive, and to leave my opinion to you from such a viewpoint.

So, could you listen to me about the ideal world of the future? It is not a mere dreamlike story. It’s about the future that I looked at with a magical method. It is a tool to think about by dividing and connecting things from the root; and called "Earth Language."

If the structure of the world is warped, it could be faster after all to reconsider it from the root than taking an emergency measure without any overall plan.

Would you like to try to look into the future with me at this opportunity to know why this method works like magic?

(2)What is Earth Language?

Is this the first time you have heard of “Earth  Language (EL)”? Okay, then I’ll give you a mini outline of it now.

In a word, EL is a new method to organize information and to mediate thought and transmission among humans.

The name includes “language,” but it’s not a vocal language; and it’s based on "form."  A simple form symbolizes a fundamental element of people or nature. Then you can express a new thing by overlaying symbols, and combining meanings of elements, or making the simplified picture.
When you write a simple symbol with your finger to a blind person’s or your friend’s palm in the darkness, you can voicelessly inform something to them by the sense of touch. Also hand signs and gestures can show the symbol forms, too. In another way, if you pronounce a one-syllable name of a symbol, others can imagine what the symbol symbolizes.

Therefore EL can help mutual understanding in most circumstances, such as cross-cultural conditions and physically different conditions as blindness and deafness, with a choice of indication method.

Even though EL signs usually work as ideographs, we need to express just the sounds for such things as names, right?
So, EL has its own phonetic system, too. It represents each sound scientifically, by sound-element bases overlay, separated from the definition system.

Even it is a visual sign, there is a point resembling onomatopoeia a little.
An EL sign was not just abstractly set up with its meaning. The form symbolizes the energy condition of the meaning, so that it gets on your eyes and body directly.

For example, it’s easier to open up a jar when you turn the lid with onomatopoeia voice, "Ghup." When you write the EL bases overlay with “heart” and “light” in your mind, you feels some "Hope", imagining a light springs out in your heart. The power of the symbol might reflect it to the body.

Because of such a structure, you need not memorize each sound of a word like learning foreign languages. Just handle it as Emoji while reading directly by your mother tongue.

Is it Emoji? Hieroglyph? Is it primitive?
You may say so.
But this Emoji has the ability to change you into a philosopher, when you come to use it.  Do you want to try it?

Well, I’ll show you some sample to feel how this Emoji works for your thinking way.

(3) Nature and artificial thing

Though this tool is still developing, it uses 70 definition bases. Three of them are semicircle. Let’s see the world mainly through these 3 bases at first.

See the explanation of the diagram, the form in the frame of the dotted line is a base. Every base fits into the inherent position in the same square frame, indication of the frame is not necessary for writing, though. EL can increase new symbols of various forms and meanings by putting plural bases on top of one another. The frame setting, even if it’s invisible, makes it systematically posible to create almost unlimited bases-overlay symbols.

Though these three semicircle bases are totally the same shape, the facing direction and the position in the frame are different from each other, so the meanings of them are different, too. EL writing goes from the left to the right as the rule, so the direction of the form of a base is related to each meaning.

[The base to represent "Nature"]
The upper half circle attached to the frame symbolizes "nature." It looks like covering the whole universe, spreading the roots into invisible infinite depth. All of what you recognize are there in nature.

[The base to represent "Artificial"]
It has the vertically inverted form of the base,“nature” at the same location. This base symbolizes "human made condition as artificial, product, creation." It’s because humans turn materials and energy in nature into new things for their own convenience or will.

Also this base form lets us feel the energy condition when a human raises both hands up, proudly crying "Great! We made it!!”

In the Euro-American culture, usually they pay attention to only human creation, and consider "nature" only to be a background and materials for human beings.

Science and technology have started designing new lives by gene manipulation and creating new materials and living cells which had never existed on the earth, they say.

I’ve heard that a few select humans make full use of technology and reject others, even expecting to evolve to "a godlike existence."

It is great arrogance!
Technology is always a double-edged sword.
It’s powerful to take over labor and time for humans. On the other hand, it puts the environment, society, and each individual under stress.

Threatening by nuclear arms is also being frightened of the same power from someone else, and very convenient smart phones let you forget the importance of truly facing yourself. Controlling nature by artificial power means that human beings strangle themselves.

The EL symbols of "artificial" and "nature" are the same size, but actually are incomparably different on the scale.

You should not forget that you, yourself, are also included in “nature.”
Seeing from the form of these EL bases, "nature" opens for the bottomless eternity, but the top of both hands of the "artificial" base stops at the frame. If we don’t learn more from the order of nature, and get more energy and resources from nature, the human world will have to end.

If a person forgot a modest heart to thank nature, he/she would be far from happiness. Because the state of happiness can’t be without including thanks and respect.

There has been a trial in the case of a former staff member of a mentally-disabled people’s home who killed 19 patients there since the beginning of the year in Japan. The motivation of the criminal was for the idea that useless and worthless tax-wasters should die, he had said. Pity the victims and himself... his soul might be crushed by society with overemphasis on efficiency.

The neuron connections of the brain can’t work well for people who are  mentally-disabled. Even so, that they are alive means that nature keeps their lives to let them feel alive at each moment, I think. They can’t express it, but they might be in the pure life sense in peace that ordinary people have never had.

The deterioration of the neuron system happens to anyone when getting old. Someday you might have a chance to appreciate that kind of feeling after aging.

Is the society that puts too much emphasis on efficiency going to reduce the capacity of humanity to change humans into robots?

All the people who are not you have different experiences from yours. You can learn from anyone. The world looks splendid when you are in that frame of mind.

Every existence in this world has some meaning and value. A thing can be valuable only because you found the value in it. It is a lot of fun to find new value in something which no body has ever accepted, feeling like you have opened a door into a new world.

If the system of the world is improper, it would be better to reconsider it from the root, rather than mending frayed spots here and there.

You see me a waist-curved crone far from the active world, and wonder what she could capture on earth. I admit that my memory declines and it’s difficult to move quickly, either. But a whole view can be captured better when slowly seeing from far away than when running about.

Besides this crone uses a magical method. It’s called "Earth Language (EL)," a thinking method to divide and to connect concepts from the root.

Why don’t you try to use it to search the value for your future life?

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(1) パンデミックの効用

ウィルスのことなど何も知らない庭の小鳥たちは、いつもと同じように春の訪れを楽しんでるわ。なのにヒトの社会では、パンデミックの ニュースが、連日世界を駆け回り、ヒトの暮らしを異常にしている。情報がウィルス感染を防ぎもするけれど、不安の暗雲を世界に立ち込めさ せてもいる。

打撃の大きかった方たちには、本当にお気の毒。でも、負の面だけを見て世界中が落ち込むことはないわ。どんなものごとも、善悪どちらかだ けじゃない。善悪両面が必ずあるものよ。

婆が大病や怪我をしたとき、どうやって乗り越えたかというとね、宇宙はなぜ自分にこんな痛みを与えているのだろう、この痛みから、どんな メッセージを受け取ればいいのだろう、と考えたの。するとやるべき使命が見えてきて、それに集中する間に命が蘇って、生き延びることがで きたのよ。

もしかすると今回の新型コロナウィルスは、経済競争で狂った地球社会の現状をヒトそれぞれに見直させようと、宇宙が送り込んだのではない かしら?





1、人種や貧富や有名・無名の区別なく感染する新型ウィルスに対して、人々は共通に人間として立ち向かう体験をした。つまり、有害エイリアン が出現すると、国籍を問わず人々は共に「地球人」として団結できることが示された。

2、目口鼻を触るといった個人の無意識の行動が社会に影響を及ぼす可能性と、一人から地球社会全体へとつながる速さを知って、誰もが驚い た。

3、人の移動や集会の禁止、学校や職場の閉鎖などのウィルス対抗策の結果、大勢がテレワーク・テレ集会などを実体験した。サイバー空間を 利用する新しい働き方・暮らし方・つながり方・時間の使い方への大革命が起きそうね。それを支えるテクノロジーも、さらに急いで進歩する よ、きっと。


高齢者は昔は珍しく、尊敬されたものだけど、現代では増える一方で、次世代とのテクノロジーギャップもある。効率化を競う社会では足手ま といの高齢者や病人は経済的重荷となり、問題視されている。

でもね、死に近い病や老いを体験しなくては手に入らない知恵もあるのよ。記憶力やスピードでは若者についていけない。だけど走り回ってい ては見えない全体像は、遠くからゆっくりながめると、よくつかめるものなのよ。

現代のシニアには、科学技術についていけなくて発言しない人が多い。けれど婆としては、そんな立場からの視点を命あるう ちにもっと伝え残す責任があると思うのよ。

だから、婆のイメージするこの世界の理想の未来について聴いてくれる?ただの夢想を語るんじゃないよ。魔法のツールを使って覗いた未来 よ。物ごとを根源から分けて、つないで考える「地球語」というツールなの。






言語とはいっても、音声ではなく「形」がベース。地球自然とヒトにとっての根本的な要素を単純な形で象徴し、それらの記号を重ね合わせた り、並べて物事を捉える仕組み。

単純な形は、暗闇の相手や盲人には手のひらに書いて伝えることができる。相手が遠かったり騒音の中では、手話や身振りで象って示すことも 可能よ。記号の1音節の名前を発音して、音声で伝えることもできる。


記号はふつう表意のために働くのだけれど、名前など、音声のみの情報も伝えたいでしょ?そこで、科学的に発音の仕方を表示する機能も別に 持つの。

視覚記号なのに、音声ことばの「オノマトペ」と少し似てるところもある。 ただ約束によるだけの抽象記号ではなく、モノの状態のエネルギーのあり方として、目や体にじかに響くからよ。

たとえば、「グッ」というオノマトペを発声しながらビンの蓋をねじると、より開きやすいでしょ? 地球語では、ハートの中に光がさす形の記号を心に描くと、「希望」が湧く気がしてくる。「シンボルの力」が体に反映するのね。

そんな仕組みだから、外国語学習のように1語ずつ音声を暗記する必要なんて無い。自分の育ったことばで直接読みながら絵文字感覚で操れば いいのよ。

絵文字言語?原始的? そうかもしれない。でもね、この絵文字は、あんたを哲人に変えることができる絵文字かもしれないよ。あんたが使えばの話だけどさ。



このツールはまだ開発途中だけど、今のところ基礎的な表意記号70を使うの。 その内の3つは半円弧形。先ずは主にこの3記号から世界を見ることにしようね。

ダイアグラム中、点線の枠内の記号が基礎記号。基礎記号は、皆同じ正方形の枠内の固有の位置に収まる設定よ。枠の表示は不要だけど、この 設定条件で複数記号を重ね合わせる方法で、多様な新しい形と意味の文字を際限なく増やせるの。

3つの半円弧記号はまったく同形。でも、位置と向きがそれぞれ異り、応じて意味も異なる。地球語の文は左から右へ書き進める約束があるの で、形の向きが内容にかかわるわけね。

・ 「自然」記号
枠に接する上半分の円弧記号は、「自然」を象っている。それは、宇宙全体を覆い、目に見えない無限の奥底に根をひろげているように見える でしょ?あんたが認識できる物事のすべてがこの中にある。

・ 「人工」記号
自然記号を同じ位置で上下逆転させた半円弧。これは、「人工(人がつくったものや作る状態)」を象徴している。 自然素材やエネルギーを用いて、ヒトの都合に合うよう転じているからこの形ね。






核武力で脅す立場は、他からの同じ威力におびえる立場にもなり、 便利なスマートフォーンは、真に自分と向き合うことを忘れさせもする。人工が自然を支配することは、ヒトが自分の首を絞めることにもなる。

「自然」と「人工」は、記号のサイズは同じでも、実際には比較にならないスケール差があるんだよ。あんた自身も「自然」に含まれているこ とを忘れないでね。

記号の形から見ても、「自然」は底なしの無限に向かって開いているけれど、 「人工」は両手の先が枠の角で止まってる。自然の秩序をさらに学び、自然から資源をもらわねば、行き止まりさ。


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