[Learning from NINJA for the year 2021] 「2021年への心の備えを忍者に学ぶ」

Impression of 2020

Learning from Shinobi (Ninja) for 2021

Written in a Kanji character, "Shinobu/nin" may have been a passion that people all over the world experienced in common this year.  This character originated from the hieroglyph of a blade pointing at the heart. It is translated into English as put up with, bear, and it might be expressed as "sustained stress of life" in Earth Language, but this Kanji calls a more concrete and stronger image. This character is the Nin of Ninja. Actually Ninja is the modern name of Shinobi. Shinobi had to survive a tightrope crossing between life and death to execute his mission.

This year, an invisible blade called Covid19 rained down on human society, and everyone was put in Shinobu(verb of Shinobi) position, sharing the "stress" of continuing to have the potential to kill each other's lives.

While carrying this kind of stress from early childhood until his death, Shinobi could not fail to fulfill their mission. What wisdom did they survive with in the incessant stress?

I tried to read the book "The Law of Ninja" by Jin-ichi Kawakami, heir to the Koga Ninjutsu style, a martial artist, Ninjutsu researcher, and Mie University professor.

This book reveals the contents of the old 'Secret Book.' As "Nin-no-i" or the fundamental spirit of "Shinobi," it shows the Kanji, "Nin" in the middle of the red circle.  The red circle is a symbol of the sun and also a Ring or a Circle where everything is connected in harmony. In other words, we can read this sign as "Shinobi's final aim is to be in harmony with the entire human society and great nature, while gaining energy from nature to continue overcoming the predicament."

A Sinobi was trained to challenge the limits of patience by hurting his body against the elements of nature, such as training with fire in the summer, training in the ice in winter, holding his urine and excrement, etc., also gaining education in various fields in order to infiltrate various societies. But he hid his ability, not to be self-assertive, not to be remarkable, and to serve quietly for others. And 'The Secret Book' emphasizes that Shinobi had to be gentle like a flower, and to be obedient like a bamboo.

Oh, I want to meet a real Shinobi! He must always keep his smile on his temples linking up with the sun, while calmly dealing with the virus.

December 2020    Yoshiko McFarland
「忍」は、心臓に刃を突き付けた象形文字が起源。put up with、bearなどと簡単に英訳され、地球語でも「命のストレスの持久」と表せそうなことばだが、漢字は具体的な強いイメージを呼ぶ。忍者の「忍」である。忍者は近代語で、江戸期には忍びと呼ばれた。忍びは、使命のために生死の境を綱渡りで生きるスパイのプロだった。







2020年12月  Yoshiko McFarland